Dennis Rader (BTK) and the Gentleman’s Agreement

I have corresponded with Dennis Rader for about a year.  After our first letter, we made a gentleman’s agreement of sorts. He had one overarching demand: Do not publish our correspondence until after I’m dead.  I have, thus far, abided by this demand. I was warned that “his people” scoured the web looking for the infraction listed above, and if caught, all communication would cease.

Since I have started writing criminals, I have learned that they always want something in return.  The serial killers, mass murderers, and spree killers with whom I have corresponded view the world through a transactional lense.  They see everything as quid pro quo, and they will not just do something just for the sake of doing it.

If you plan to interact with predators, always remember the games criminals play. They will most likely want something in return, even if they do not explicitly state it.

I have lived up to my side of the bargain, now let us see if Dennis will live up to his.

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